Our Partners

Electric Vehicle Industry Association (EVIA)

EVIA is a national platform comprised of Government departments and agencies, electric vehicle OEMs, electricity infrastructure and suppliers, Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) suppliers and ICT / smart grid service providers, as well as the users.

  • EVIA forms a multi-stakeholder public private sector consortium with main activities related to dissemination, networking, monitoring, participation in national and multilateral projects, lobbying, research and development.
  • In public policy advocacy, EVIA presents the concerns of the electric vehicle (EV) industry and R&D bodies to the relevant government departments, which plays a key role in helping the development of electric drive vehicles.
  • EVIA organizes EV symposiums, and also collaborates in regional events and in many specialized conferences and workshops.

Collaboration, by utilizing a network of expertise, to shape the future course of E-Mobility in South Africa.


  • To create a favourable environment to enable the use of clean mobility in South Africa.
  • To support the development of policy and regulation framework
  • To promote technologies for E-Mobility and sustainably integrate them into smart cities in South Africa.
  • To support the introduction of sustainable mobility into the urban transportation mix.
  • To create awareness of EVs in South Africa.
  • To promote co-operation and trust amongst public private sector.

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